The Coding Workspace and Marketplace for AI Algorithms.


Do your research in our hosted IPython environment. You can use our historical and real-time market data or even open a data stream with twitter in minutes.


Create your automated bots in your browser. Then backtest them, for free, over years of 5-second-level market data.


Activate your bots 24/7, and monitor their activities and performances in real-time through push notifications.


You can buy or sell algorithms through our algo store.

Interactive Workspaces

Code. Collaborate. Deploy.


GUI development environment that supports the best languages for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, including Python, Julia, R, and Scala.

Terminal Access

RoboLab Notebook  includes a web-based Terminal session to make it easy for you to navigate subdirectories and pull in additional packages or code via command line.

Git Integration

The integration of RoboLab deeply leverages both the power of the git infrastructure and our reproducibility engine technology.

Deep Learning Frameworks

We include the most popular open source frameworks such as Tensorflow (plus Tensorboard and Tensorflow Serving), Caffe, MXNet, Chainer, Torch, Theano, and others.

Data Science Libraries

Sometimes the task at hand doesn’t require a neural net in order to get the job done. That’s why NumPy, SciPy, Scikit Learn, Pandas, and much more come standard with Bitfusion.

Example Code and Data Sets

When you are experimenting with a new neural net architecture or learning deep learning in the first place, it helps to have examples and sample data for getting your feet wet.


Wrangle your projects into one easy-to-manage tool.

Project Management

Organize your repository into private, internal or public projects.


Messaging that works! Effective Slack-alternative, workplace messaging with search and integrations, plus web, mobile and PC apps and much more.

Team Governance

Manage access and permissions with five different user roles and settings for external users.


Kanban board that gives your team a clear understanding of who’s working on what. With instant board updates, event notifications and card states you will never miss anything and will be able to make the right decisions at the right time.

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