Software Engineer (Internship)

London, United Kingdom

RoboLab is looking for a software engineering intern to help us disrupt the world of finance. RoboLab empowers technical, talented people everywhere to write high-quality trading algorithms, and we’re growing our engineering team this summer to support our rapidly expanding user base and build towards our ambitious product roadmap.

We work on interesting problems, such as:

  • Running arbitrary user code on our own servers, with all the associated security implications
  • Designing and building intuitive and powerful research and development tools and APIs for our users
  • Designing data stores for real-world financial data and optimizing them for high throughput when running trading simulations
  • Communicating with broker APIs to trade real money on our users’ behalf
  • Metering and autoscaling our cloud infrastructure to respond to varying load
  • Designing and building an amazing user experience, both on desktop and mobile

So far, we’ve built RoboLab with Python and Ruby on Rails on AWS. We depend heavily on Redis and Docker. However, we are very pragmatic, and our highest priority is shipping user-delighting features built with the most sensible technologies.

We are assembling a top-notch product and engineering team here in London. A financial background is not necessary at all (but is always nice to have).

We’re still small enough that you will have a material impact on our company’s trajectory, even over the course of a summer. Our small size and ambitious goals dictate our approach to talent acquisition and retention: we believe in hiring the best engineers, putting them in a positive, collaborate environment, and giving them hard problems to solve and the autonomy to solve them.

Ideally, you:

  • have a solid background in computer science fundamentals;
  • have good communication skills;
  • thrive on designing, building, and shipping mind-blowing features that delight our users;
  • will enjoy our fun and intellectually stimulating work environment. We ship early and often. We have lives outside of work. We like each other.

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