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Make money and have fun by using investment robots powered by Artificial Intelligence.
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Find the robots that best suit your investment profile and activate them on your account. You can request RoboCoins to increase the amount you invest in different robots. RoboCoin (symbols: ROC | ρ)  is a virtual currency created digitally by RoboLab and pegged 1:1 to the U.S. dollar.
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Review the robots risk & profit analytics in real-time, from the Time Weighted Return (TWR | A method that combines the returns over sub-periods, by compounding them together, resulting in the overall period return) to the Value at Risk (VaR | A statistical technique used to measure and quantify the level of financial risk over a specific time frame).
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Accounts Monitor

Activate the robots on your account and easily follow how they are performing with real-time Risk & Profit analytics. At any time, you can increase or decrease your investment in a robot or deactivate it too.

RoboLab Assistant

We will assist you through RoboLab Assistant. Ask us any questions or share with us any thoughts or idea about a new robot!

Activity Log

Your activity log is a list of the activity on your account, from today back to the very beginning. It includes all your robots activations/deactivations, RoboCoins requests, increase/decrease investments, transfers, etc.

Multicurrency Accounts

You can select any of the main currencies as a base of your account: U.S. Dollar (USD), European Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY) and British Pound (GBP).


What You Get

Artificial Intelligence

Activate Robots powered by Artificial Intelligence to get high returns.

Trading Automation

The robots will invest in your accounts automatically during the financial markets trading hours.

Advanced Analytics

Monitor your investment robots in real-time with the most advanced risk & profit analytics.

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