The lab for AI bots

Robolab enables talented people everywhere to create and use Artificial Intelligence algorithms. 

Deep Learning with Robolab

Develop, train and deploy deep learning without infrastructure and automation complexities.


Do your research in our hosted IPython environment. You can use our historical and real-time market data or even open a data stream with twitter in minutes.



Create your automated bots in your browser. Then backtest them, for free, over years of 5-second-level market data.

If you have a windows PC, start following Goldminefactory website.


Activate your bots 24/7, and monitor their activities and performances in real-time through push notifications.


You can buy or sell algorithms through our Robolab Store.

Perks of joining Robolab


Robolab provides free access to many data sets, including US equity pricing, corporate fundamental data, and soon futures. Members may also access a fast-growing catalog of premium datasets.


You own your algorithms. Your algorithms are kept secret. Ideas are some of the most valuable assets anyone has. We are committed to protecting your intellectual property and keeping it safe.


Before you write your algorithm, you probably need to do some research. Robolab provides a hosted research environment with flexible data access and custom plotting in an IPython notebook.


Companies interested in using third-party algorithms can connect with you through Robolab algo store. You also can open a brokerage account through Robolab and trade with your own money.


Once you’ve written your algorithm, you need to test it. Robolab provides free backtesting with historical data and free paper trading (also called walk-forward testing).


You can invite friends or members of our growing community to collaborate on your AI projects. We also help each other with code problems and discuss ideas.
Use Cases

Investment Management

Increase automation of sophisticated investment strategies.

Social Media

Optimize real time decision support for social media strategies.
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